Shellac, Gel Polish and Gels…..OH MY!!

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There is nothing worse than just having a beautiful manicure and getting into your car, only to look down to see your pretty, newly polished manicure boo booed before you get out of the parking lot! Or always experiencing a broken nail because of weak nails? Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to worry about boo booing a nail, or breaking one down short all the time? For the first time in history of the beauty industry can we have nail products that can taylor to OUR busy lives. But what product can give us a beautiful manicured hands, high shine, no additional drying time, add strength and durability to our natural nails without having fills, that allows us to have weeks of beautiful looking nails without damage? Ladies……..the answer is Shellac, Gel polish and Gel Enhancements. But what is “Shellac”?? What is considered Gel Polish?? And what is a Gel Enhancement and how does it differ from the rest of the gel product world?? Let’s break it down and talk about the “gel world”.

Gel nails or Gel enhancements, are a type of artificial nails. They are similar to acrylic nails, but different. Gel nails are formed by a combination of monomer liquid and polymer powder. The mono more liquid reacts with the polymer powder, when put together forms long polymer strands. After being cured under a UV or LED light, they harden to form a resin that looks like a real fingernail. Gel nails can come in different colors, brands and come in soak off and non soak off versions. Most gel enhancements cannot be soaked off, but rather filed off the natural nail. This can led to over filing the nail plate and cause weakness in the structure of the nail. Generally lighter in weight than acrylics, they are great for nail repairs and for the individual who needs a little added strength. Contrary to the news and magazine articles, Uv and LED lamps ARE SAFE to use. Studies and research have shown UV and LED lamps to be safe to use. Both UV and LED lamps emit a type of uv ray in a very small wattage. You would have to have used the lamps weekly for 250 years in order to have any effect on a cellular level. In fact, we receive more emissions from driving with our hands on the steering wheels of our cars than in a UV or LED lamps. UV and LED lamps emit a different type of emission than natural sunlight. If you still have a concern about your UV exposure, wear sunscreen on your hands when you go for your manicure.

Gaining popularity over the last couple years, there are so many different types of gel polish products on the market. Professional products, home use products, it’s hard to determine which one to use. Let’s talk next about Gel polish.

There are many different brands and types of gel polish on the market now. Each company has their own formulation and line of products. Gel polish is a term used to describe a type of polish or nail color that contains gel in the product or is completely formulated with gel. It is applied like a traditional polish, but cures under a UV or LED lamp. Each layer has a inhibition layer or sticky layer, adhering each layer with the next, thus adhering the gel polish very we’ll to the nail. With no additional drying time, you can get in your car or search for something in your purse without worrying about messing up a nail. Gel polish is specifically designed to soak off or be removed with a polish remover. The Gel polish is removed by wrapping each finger with a gentle remover for 10-15 minutes. Voila! Off like magic! There is no long term commitment and no fills or excessive filing needed-ever! It maintains a beautiful high shine, feels very light and natural on the nails, applies like a regular polish, giving a little added strength and durability to the natural nails. With Gel polish, you can have a beautiful manicure that lasts for 2-3 weeks. Also, nail art designs can be done over the Gel polish in amazing colors and patterns. Shellac is a hybrid polish that blends a traditional polish with gel. It is applied like a traditional polish and cures under a UV or LED lamp.

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