Pedicures…..More than just pretty toes!

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Pedicures…..More than just pretty toes!

Pedicures are one of the most popular spa services. Pretty polished toes & relaxing foot massage can make your feet & body feel awesome! But pedicures are more than just pretty toes. To many, pedicures can help prevent many foot problems such as ingrown toenails; calluses and can help prevent nail diseases and disorders. Other benefits include increased circulation, aids in detoxification of the body, stimulates nerve endings or reflexology points on the bottom of the feet and helps to bring balance to the body, hydrates, softens and moisturizes dry skin, helps to reduce or eliminate calluses, can help soothe arthritic joints, improves muscle spasms and muscle tension.

What is a pedicure and what do I need to look for when selecting a salon? How do I prepare for a pedicure service?  Lets explore the world of pedicures and feet!

We will start with “What is a pedicure”?

Pedicures are considered a cosmetic treatment for the feet and toenails and can be a very enjoyable experience. They can include: soaking the feet, clipping the nails, pushing the cuticles back, cleaning under the free edge and around the nails, callus work with a foot file or callus file, exfoliation of the skin with a scrub or exfoliant up to the knees (this is great for increasing circulation and removing dead dry skin), foot and leg massage up to the knees (the BEST part!) and polishing your toes in a favorite color. Your pedicure service may also include a masque with warm towels on the legs and paraffin wax treatment on the feet. Each salon offers their signature version of a pedicure service, depending upon their client’s needs. Some salons or day spas use a whirlpool spa with a built in chair, others use individual bowls or tubs with disposable liners. The average price ranges from $20-$60, depending on the area and type of pedicure you experience. Pedicures can be done as often as you like. Most individuals experience a pedicure every 2-6 weeks, depending on your needs.

What do I look for when selecting a salon or spa? Here is a few things to look out for when selecting a place to pamper your tootsies…..

*With any pedicure service, no matter where you go to, always know how the salon cleans and disinfects their implements and stations.  Each state has different requirements for sanitation and disinfection. The state of Florida requires: First, clean implements and tools with soap and water, then completely immerse in a chemical solution that is a hospital level or EPA approved disinfectant for 10 minutes. Then rinse with clean water and dry. Store the implements and utensils in a dry place until next use. Bleach or alcohol is NOT an approved disinfectant and should not be used for disinfecting implements or tools used for any salon service in the salon.

*Always choose a place that is professionally licensed. Each technician should have their own individual license displayed at their station. Some states, Florida for example, requires a 2×2 photo to be laminated on the license.

*Gentle exfoliation and cuticle work is good for the skin and nails. Never let any technician or salon cut or shave any type of skin and calluses-this can leave you open for bacteria and infection and toughens the skin causing the area to build a tougher calluses. This is also illegal in some states for nail technicians to cut any kind of skin. Your health is more important.

*It is always good to refrain from shaving your legs 24 to 48 hours prior to having a pedicure. Shaving your legs prior to getting a pedicure can irritate skin and create micro tears or cuts in the skin that can be openings in the skin for bacteria and infection. Plus, you will have a closer shave after your pedicure from the exfoliation.

*Walking out of the salon barefoot is not the ideal. Protect your tootsies, bring or wear sandals or shoes that are easy to slip into (so you don’t boo boo your wet polish). Many salons and spas have flip-flops for purchase just in case you forget your favorite pair at home.

*Please let your technician or salon know if you have any medical conditions, recent surgeries, allergies or sensitivities to products or ingredients. Some salons will have you fill out a confidential health form to make sure all your health conditions and allergies are considered when performing services on you. Certain medical conditions may indicate a change in the procedure or products used during your services for your benefit. Any salon that does not take your health into consideration is not the salon to go to. Your health and safety is the most important!

*Overall, your pedicure experience should be an enjoyable experience. In no way should it be painful. Always tell the technician if anything they are doing is uncomfortable or is causing pain. Having a pedicure service should never hurt or be uncomfortable.

Go ahead, get your favorite sandals and go have a relaxing pedicure! You deserve it! Your feet will thank you!

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