Aromatherapy And Your Health

Aromatherapy oils at Serenity's Touch Day Spa in North Port, Florida.

a·ro·ma·ther·a·py….. More than just a smell!

We all have experienced aromatherapy in our lives. Aromatherapy is widely used in a variety of products, bath & body products, teas, perfumes, room fresheners or even in the aromatic fragrance of the foods we eat. An aroma or smell can bring back a sweet memory or bring us to a state of relaxation or serenity. Aromas also can have great benefits to mind, body and spirit.

What is aromatherapy and what is an essential oil? Good question! Aromatherapy is the “therapeutic” use of essential oils and water-based molecules extracted from plant materials to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual health & balance in the body. Essential oils are created when the oil is extracted from a plant by either steam (distillation), pressing or chemical extraction, resulting in a pure oil from the plant. Each plant or essential oil, has unique properties or benefits to that oil (e.g., eucalyptus relieves congestion, lavender promotes relaxation) and a unique aromatic aroma.

How does aromatherapy work or effect the body? Well, Aromatherapy works by first entering the body when we inhale or breathe in the essential oils. These extracts stimulate the olfactory nerves in our sinuses, sending messages to the brain’s limbic system that are said to trigger physiological and physical responses in the body.

How is it used? Aromatherapy can be used in many ways. Essential oils can be diffused into the air, used in massage oils, used in cooking and baking, applied directly to the skin, added to bathwater, used as a dietary supplement, herbal compresses, or even used to refresh laundry and linens. Aromatherapy can be used on adults, children and can even be used on animals. For instance, a holistic vet may prescribe holistic treatment for conditions such as anxiety, skin disorders, to boost the immune system or even to aid in digestion in your family dog companion. In humans, aromatherapy can be a great alternative and supplement in treatment for many medical conditions, such as arthritis, anxiety, depression, sleep conditions, immune system support, digestion, lowers blood pressure, increases circulation and blood flow, releases muscle tension, increases mental awareness and can help with symptoms  of fibromyalgia and cancer.

What do you look for when buying essential oils? When you are looking for essential oils to buy, it is always recommended to purchase the purest oils that are available. The more pure the oil, the better the benefit and the less contaminates there are in the oil to diminish the beneficial properties of the pure essential oil. Essential oils come in many forms, from “single notes” or concentrates, to blends of oils that complement each other and work as a “team” to increase the beneficial properties. For example,  Lavender is a great all-round essential oil to have & is one of the most dual purpose, multi beneficial essential oils. Lavender comes is several different types, each one having a unique aromatic signature.

So, no matter if you are a professional in the holistic field, or a stay at home mom, anyone can use and benefit from essential oils and the many benefits that they hold for us. What are you waiting for???  Warm up a cup of chamomile tea & slip into a lavish lavender bubble bath. Relax and enjoy!

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